Beverage dispense product's main nemesis is dirty lines. Draft beer, wine, soda and juice are all living products, bacteria and other microorganisms can build up in the dispense lines and faucets. When that happens, the product can take on off odors or flavors when it’s dispensed. How often you clean your beverage lines usually depends on local health codes. Usually, you should clean your lines every two weeks or so.
Enroll in our Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Quarterly Maintenance programs where we’ll go through a thorough evaluation of your system. Being on a maintenance program will eliminate costly malfunctions in your system.

Monthly PMs Include:
  • Glycol Power Pack Service: Clean the condenser coils, inspect the glycol temperature and calibrate the circulation and flow rates.
  • Nitrogen Generator Multi-Point Inspection & Maintenance: The system is inspected for proper operation, leak tested and filters changed.
  • Over All System Inspection and Necessary adjustments.
  • AC Beverage also offers Same Day Service and Maintenance!
Typical Repairs:
  • Power Pack Repair/Maintenance
  • Fob Maintenance, Repair and Restoration
  • Gas Leak Testing
  • Tighten Loose Shanks and Faucets
  • Calibrate Blended Gas Ratio
  • Inspect Faucets and Keg Coupler

Our draft technicians can analyze and fix potential problems before they happen and prevent you from being left with no draft beer to pour! Call today for a free system evaluation: 800-925-3818 / 410-268-0714