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Verification agent with line cleaning properties in powder form for beer and soda dispensing systems. Powder dissolves quickly. Easy to use and store.

PDF icon TM DESANA MAXic | Spec Sheet467.05 KB
PDF icon Desana Max MSDS Sheet606.18 KB

<p>A deep-cleaning, alkaline verification-agent in powder form for hard-to-clean residues in beer- and other beverage-dispensing systems.
Efficient and intelligent cleaning verifies hygiene levels with PURPLE-GREEN color change technology – without costly lab-tests.
•Heavy-duty cleaner with Active Chlorine to tackle hard-to-remove residues (cleaning cycles of more than 4 weeks) and for deep-cleaning of old dispensing systems
•Fast acting removal of biofilm and residues
•Exact dosing due to single dose powder sachet guarantees efficient high-class cleaning and cost-controll
•Superior cleaning power proven by independent studies and approved by leading international brewers and manufacturers

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