T Style Tower 4" Column

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The Tee Towers are available Air Cooled or Glycol ready; Stainless Steel, Tarnish free Brass or we can customize a finish to match your décor.
PDF icon 4 Faucet Tee Tower182.79 KB
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PDF icon 8 Faucet Tee Tower213.81 KB

Specification Information:
The Air Cooled Towers have a product connection which is 5' x 3/16" I.D. hose.
The Glycol Cooled Towers have two connections, a 1/4" O.D. Stainless Steel tubes with tapered barb 1/4"-3/8" for the product and a Glycol Connection of 3/8" O.D. Copper tubes with 3/8" barb fitting. The height of all towers is 15-1/2” with a column diameter of 4” and a faucet height of 11-5/8”.
The faucet spacing is 3” center to center.
The length of the Tee Tower varies by the number of faucets: 4 – 6 Faucet have a 20” Tee and the 7 – 8 Faucet have a 24” Tee.
Please see the specification information for the most popular towers and the drip tray options available. 
Additional towers and specification information is available by calling: AC Beverage 800-925-3818.

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