Slow Dance (Cellarstream Accessory)

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The Slow Dance keg filler for the Cellarstream allows users to “slow fill” kegs off their Cellarstream unit.     
Previously, due to the required cycling of the Cellarstream to maintain an enriched gassing membrane, this was not possible. The Slow Dance utilizes a timer and solenoid valve to control this cycling. Additionally, the unit has a relieving device to control back pressure on the keg and a FOB stop integrated to control the rate of gas release during filling and to shut down the flow once the keg is full.
Slow Dance
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● Connect a jumper from the beer outlet port on the Cellarstream to the Beer Inlet on the Slow Dance.
● Connect the product filling line from the keg coupler to the Beer Outlet on the Slow Dance.
● Connect the gas relieving line from the keg coupler to the inlet of the FOB stop device.
● It is recommended to install a short run of 3/16” tubing on the drain on the lower portion of the FOB stop that can be run to a drain or suitable container.
● Ensure the lever on the top portion of the FOB stop is aligned with the green shaded mark. This is the position for operation that allows the float to shut off beer flow when the keg is full.
● Connect the Slow Dance to a 110v power source.
When operating the Slow Dance, we suggest running the unit when there is no other demand on the Cellarstream. If operated when nitro pours are being performed at the bar, there is a chance for inconsistent dispense at the bar, and inconsistent product running to the keg being filled.
● Introduce beer to Cellarstream as normal.
● If using a beer Y with shutoffs on the outlet to differentiate between dispense at the bar and keg filling using the Cellarstream, turn off the valve to the bar to ensure consistent product for keg filling.
● Keg to be filled needs to contain at least 25psi of N2 or N2 / CO2 blend.
○ If using the FOB stop for filling carbonated product off serving tank, a lower pressure relieving device will be necessary.
● Connect the keg coupler to the clean, empty keg.
● Turn ON the Slow Dance.
● Engage the keg coupler so beer will be able to flow into the keg.
● Open any valving on the gas relieving line of the coupler.
● The Slow Dance timer and valve combo will begin to cycle on (open) for 10 seconds, and off (closed) for ten seconds. This will ensure that each pour receives the appropriate amount of the chosen gas blend and the membrane on the Cellarstream remains enriched with gas.
● Check for any leaks and tighten any connections that cause concern.
● It will take approximately 45 minutes to fill a standard 15.5 gallon keg.
● When the keg is full, beer will exit the gas relieving line on the keg coupler and flow up to the FOB stop. When the FOB stop is full, the float will block the top vent port, stopping flow of beer from the keg coupler.
● The timer will continue to cycle, but beer will not flow through until the FOB stop is reset

● If there is another keg to fill, disengage the keg coupler from the keg just filled and move it to the new keg to be filled.
● If there is not another keg to fill. Proceed to the cleaning instructions.
● Engage the keg coupler on the new keg.
● Press in on the FOB stop drain valve located on the lower portion of the FOB stop.
● Pressure in the new keg will push beer in the keg gas relieving line up to the FOB stop and out the drain. Once the gas relieving line and FOB stop are empty of beer, the float will drop to the bottom of the FOB stop.
● Once this occurs, release the drain button.
● The new keg will begin to fill as the timer cycles on and off.
● Continue until all kegs have been filled.
● Shut off the valve supplying beer to Slow Dance or disconnect jumper and reconnect the Cellarstream line to the bar.

● Recirculation cleaning is recommended, but running through for a brief period and allowing the cleaning solution to sit the system is also acceptable.
● Connect the outlet from a keg coupler on a cleaning can, or the outlet from a cleaning pump, to the inlet on the Slow Dance. Include the jumper from the Cellarstream in this connection.
● Switch the lever on the top portion of the FOB stop to align with the red shaded mark. This is the bypass position and will allow cleaner to flow past the float and exit through the relief valve, cleaning the relief valve in the process.
● Install the provided flushing device on the keg coupler and engage the coupler. This will enable cleaning solution to flow through the product side to the relieving side of the coupler.
● Install a piece of 1/4” tubing on the outlet of the relieving device and direct it to the drain or cleaning reservoir. Rinse water and cleaning solution will be exiting the unit from the relieving device.
● With the switch on the Slow Dance in the on position, engage the keg coupler on the cleaning can or turn on the cleaning pump. If using a cleaning pump, ensure the bypass on the pump is operating and keeping pressure at or below 40 psi. If using a cleaning can, maintain pressure at 40 psi or below.
● First flush the unit with water for 60 seconds to remove all beer.
● Then mix the cleaning solution in the cleaning can or reservoir and recirculate or cycle through the Slow Dance.
● While cleaning solution is moving through the system, open and close the drain valve multiple times for a few seconds each to ensure it is cleaned appropriately.
● When cleaning is finished, flush with clean water until all cleaning solution is removed from the system.

● At times it may be convenient to clean the Cellarstream and Slow Dance simultaneously.
● To ensure good cleaning and to not impact the Cellarstream membrane, it is required that a caustic with no chlorine and no surfactants is used. Desana Max TM is the recommended cleaner.
● Using the Cellarstream onboard beer pump for cleaning
○ Drop the keg coupler connected to the beer inlet on the Cellarstream into the bucket or reservoir that will contain rinse water and cleaning chemical.
○ The beer pump will lift solution from bucket and move it through the system.
○ Cleaning solution can be recirculated back to bucket.
● Connect a cleaning pump or can to the inlet of the Cellarstream.
● Connect the Cellarstream to the inlet of the Slow Dance.
● Turn on the Slow Dance power switch. Engage the keg coupler on the cleaning can or turn on the cleaning pump.
● Follow all directions above.
● When cleaning is finished, flush with clean water until all cleaning solution is removed from the system.
● Allow rinse water to drain completely.

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