NitroStream Nitrogenator® Nitrogen Generator

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The AC Nitrogenator® NitroStream is the most advanced model for on-site nitrogen generating and gas blending. This system replaces gas cylinders and air compressors. The system creates up to three different blends of gas for lagers, ales and other nitrogenated beers. The blends produced are extremely accurate and provided on demand. The NitroStream yields higher flow rates, enhanced nitrogen purity and efficiency no other generator can deliver.
NitroStream Nitrogenator® Nitrogen Generator

AC Nitrogenator® ADVANTAGES:
* Economical:  Net cost from is much less than bottled gas
* Low Maintenance:  Service every 6 months versus changhing tanks daily
* Dependable:  Thousands of units are in service with vertually no maintenance issues
* Environmentally Friendly:  Nitrogen generators create less environmental impact
* Energy Efficient:  Power consumption is 5.8 amps, low operating cost
* High Purity Nitrogen:  The NitroStream Nitrogenator® produces 99.7% pure Nitrogen

How it works: The Nitrogenator® NitroStream converts compressed air into Nitrogen, utilizing membrane technology which separates N2, from Oxygen, CO2, and water vapor to produce a beverage quality grade Nitrogen. 

The Nitrogenator® NitroStream is designed for large volume N2 consumption needs. 

The Nitrogenator® NitroStream utilizes Durr Technik air compressor which has the ability to operate continuously for 5,000 hours.

A major feature is the ease of service when replacing cup seals. 

Optionally McDantim Gas Blenders are available with customized blend settings per customer's request.

Call AC Beverage to discuss your needs and determine if the NitroStream is right for your gas requirements.

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