In-Line Leak Detector for Sytems with Two Gas Blends

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For systems with two gas blends, the double in-line leak detector lets you know in seconds if you have a leak in your beer system, which blend has the leak and can help you gauge how big the leak is, so you can deal with it right away to avoid wasting gas or exposing your employees to unnecessary health hazards.

Leaks can occur 24 hours a day / seven days a week. A quick and easy way to determine if you have a CO2 leak is the Double In-Line Leak Detector.

Double In-Line Leak Detector
It is suggested that, upon installation, you check this nitrogen gas detector first thing in the morning before pouring your first beer or at night after pouring your last beer so that you can be sure that your system is leak-free.


  • A small leak of one-half cubic foot an hour wastes more gas each day than you would use to dispense two kegs of beer.
  • In-Line Leak Indicator can tell you in seconds if you have leaks in your beer system and how big those leaks are no matter what gas source you use or how complicated your system.
  • One quick glance every morning before you pour your first beer or at night after pouring your last beer assures you that you have no problem or that you need to call a service person.
  • As leaks are repaired, it serves as your scorecard, letting you know how much of the problem is resolved and if all leaks are fixed.


  • There are two chambers containing a small metal ball bearing.
  • If gas flows through the chambers the ball bearings lift up. The larger the gas flow the higher the ball bearings lift up.
  • If no beer is being poured the ball bearings should remain at the bottom of the chamber.
  • If they are floating, with no beer being poured a leak is present!

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