Keg Filling Panels-Service Information


NOTE: Keg Filling Panels have been replaced with Gassing Panels. This is Service Information for existing Keg Filling Panels.

Specs Sheet: 
Inlet temperature directly impacts performance as best gas exchange occurs between 33 – 39 F. Maximum Inlet Temperature Not To Exceed 100 F. 1-10 Gallon per Minute Flow Rate “GPM” Is Maximum for achieving desired results with Standard Keg Filler and 3-15 Gallon per Minute Flow Rate “GPM” Is Maximum for achieving desired results for the High Flow Keg Filler . Pre-filter is required if product contains more than 5 Microns of particulate to prevent membrane fouling,inlet strainer recommended.

The Standard Keg Fill model is designed for filling 1 - 10 gallons per minute.

The High Flow Keg Fill model is a specially built unit to handle large high flow, 3 to 15 gallons per minute applications. 

Important Maintenance Information:  Surfacant type chemcials and/or chlorine based chemicals will damage the gas membrane causing the membrane to become wetted and/or saturated compromising performance!  We recommend and sell the Desana Max TM, please call for details (410) 268-0714.


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