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AC Beverage Exclusive!  Complete growler wash station on one platform.  Conveniently wash, rinse and sanitize growlers before refilling to assure the quality of beer dispensed ends up in the growler, giving you and your product the reputation you deserve.

Let’s face it-The product in a Growler represents your brewery or bar to potentially multiple people after it leaves in the customers hands. For good reason, most breweries and bars have policies stating they will not fill dirty growlers. However, customers will still show up with a growler that has been rolling around in the back of the car and proclaim, “it is clean, it just needs rinsed!” No matter how well you train your staff, they will “cave” into customer demand and fill one, or two or…leading to those customers, and everyone they know and have shared their growler with, thinking the brewery and or product is at fault for any off flavors, not realizing or considering the skanky container. In the interest of protecting your product, AC Beverage designed the Growler Wash Station.
AC Beverage offers a complete line of chemicals for growlers and draft beer systems.

We sell Growler Faucets and have a full line of Growler Filling Platforms that are convenient and capable of filling any number of products. All platforms Includes a water and CO2 quick connection. The foot print can be configured according to your circumstance. Where space is limited a smaller unit can be designed OR to showcase your growler platform a larger foot print can be designed. Call AC Beverage to solve all of your growler filling needs! We can turn your grocery store, gas station or brew pub into "the place to go" for growler filling.

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