Growler Fill Methods

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Growlers are used to transport beer home from the local pubs but there has been one major setback to the use of growlers – as soon as a growler is filled, you have only had about a day to enjoy it before it becomes flat or oxidized (stale). Today many bars and retail stores fill glass growlers directly from their beer tap, sometimes using a vinyl beer line to fill from the bottom. While filling from the bottom will last a few days longer than filling a growler straight from the faucet, it’s still not a solution to the problem. Many stores and pubs utilize these methods because the equipment to bottle like breweries is expensive! AC Beverage has designed an economical counter pressure growler filling unit!
Growler Fill Methods
The AC Growler Filling unit purges oxygen out of the growler with CO2to prevent oxidation. Then we fill the growler while under pressure. Filling a growler purged of oxygen and utilizing counterpressure ensures the freshness and quality of your growler for up to two months! We sell Growler Faucets and have a full line of Growler Filling Platforms that are convenient and capable of filling any number of products. All platforms Includes a water and CO2 quick connection. The foot print can be configured according to your circumstance. Where space is limited a smaller unit can be designed OR the foot print can be designed larger to showcase your growler platform. Call AC Beverage to solve all of your growler filling needs! We can turn your grocery store, gas station or brew pub into "the place to go" for growler filling.

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