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DesanaMax Packet Beer Line Cleaner For All Kinds Of Beverage Dispensing Systems. Clorine-Free, No Surfactant, Easy to Rinse Out!

Beer line cleaning has never been easier – or more foolproof! This specially formulated line cleaner is designed with color change technology to let you know when your lines are totally clean. If the liquid changes from purple to a green or yellow color, it means there are still residual organics hanging around and the lines aren’t quite clean yet. Continue to circulate fresh solution until the liquid remains purple after three or more minutes of contact.

•Safe and exact dosing
•Easy to read color changing technology
•Fast rinsing
•Chlorine free
•Dissolves yeasts, sugars and other organic residues
•Powder lasts up to 5 years in storage

Comes in convenient 1.9 oz packets which are pre-portioned to make 1.5 gallons of cleaning solution or open the packet and only use the amount needed.

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