Gassing Panel

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The Gassing Panel is designed to carbonate or nitrogenate product on a continuous flow for filling kegs or transfer to brite tanks. The unit just needs flat beer to be fed to it, then connect desired gas for the particular product and you can perform inline gas transfer. Control of gas level is handled by the pressure setting on the supply gas regulator and a sweep gas control needle valve adjustment which utilizes an inline flow meter.
Gassing Panel
Larger Brewery Nitro programs need to dissolve nitrogen into beer at a faster rate to accommodate higher volumes and packaging applications. The AC Beverage Gassing panel provides the correct amount of N2 in tank-to-tank transfers or to feed kegging lines. Operation can be an automated or manual.

Larger breweries may economically use nitrogen to:
• Purge tanks and transfer lines.
• Push product.
• Feed low volume pneumatic controls.
• Infuse nitrogen into beer in tank-to-tank transfers and kegging lines.

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