FOB Operation

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(1) When the keg is empty disconnect the keg coupler and connect it to a full keg. IMPORTANT: Make sure the faucet at front of house is closed!
(2) Push Vent Mechanism, located at top of fob, down until Sight Glass is full of beer and no bubbles appear in the Sight Glass or in the jumper lines.
(3) Rotate Float Lifter into the RED (By Pass) area to lift the Float and then rotate back into the GREEN  area.

*CAUTION: Taking these steps out of order will result in Foamy Beer!

Procedure For Beer Line Cleaning:
During periodic cleaning of the beer lines rotate Float Lifter into the RED  area for By Pass. Hold the Vent Mechanism down to allow the cleaning solution to flow through the Vent Mechanism and the drain line. Upon completion of line cleaning assure FOB has been filled with fresh beer with no bubbles appearing in the Sight Glass or jumper lines. Rotate Float Lifter on FOB to GREEN  to allow beer dispense. Clean exterior of the FOB with warm water and a damp cloth.

Fob Operation
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