FEX08 Threaded Fob

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The FEX08 Threaded Core Components FOB is an AC Beverage Exclusive! This is the standard base Fob with threaded inlet and outlet ports. FOB Detectors will increase your profit by lowering your beer waste. A FOB Detector will immediately shut down the beer flow when a keg empties. This eliminates foam and wasted beer after a keg has blown because the beer lines stay full of beer at all times. All FEX models are certified by NSF International! Pint after pint, the Core Fob has proven to be the most dependable and competitively priced stainless Fob on the market.

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• Manufactured with food grade stainless steel utilizing precision CNC machined components.
• Most Competitively priced Stainless Fob on the market.
• Comes with male beer thread inlet and outlet ports, allowing for multiple beer line sizes to be used.
• Disassembles without use of tools for ease of cleaning / service.
• Life Time Warranty - Only The SS Core Components FOB is available with this type of coverage.***
• Threaded & Stemmed Fittings.
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• Change kegs without wasting beer as froth.
• Prevent the build up of CO2/N2 in the beer lines.
• Full beer lines inhibit the growth of bacteria.
• Pour a drinkable, profitable glass of beer every time.
• Achieve more profit from every keg.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE BY USING A FOB? If you count on $2 profit for each pint, the chart below shows the amount of beer wasted if not using a FOB: ROI: Within 1-3 weeks, depending on the length of your beer lines the amount paid for the FOB will be recovered!
A Core FOB pays for itself FAST!


• FEX02: Barbed with choice of line attachment on left or right. Option for Electronic Sensor.
• FEX 08: Threaded inlet and outlet ports.
• FEX 15: Intended for high flow applications.
• FEX Hybrid: Economically designed with a light weight acrylic sight glass.
• All spare parts available. Click the button to view   
• Full range of threaded and stemmed FOBs available for custom applications.
• 1/4” & 5/16” trunk lines will connect with minimal additional fittings.
• Two product, four product and custom Tapping Panels available.

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*** This warranty is available to the first end user for equipment purchased from AC Beverage or authorized dealers. Equipment resold without such authorization will not be covered under this warranty. Equipment installed by AC Beverage carries a 90 day labor warranty. Equipment not installed by AC Beverage does Not carry a labor warranty. All equipment must be maintained and cleaned regularly. In case of equipment failure customer must contact AC Beverage for repair authorization before any repairs are made. Warranty is VOID if equipment shows abuse and/or neglect. (Requires unit to be returned to AC Beverage for repair or replacement. Does Not include shipping and handling fees. Includes 90 day labor if installed by AC Beverage)

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