Cask Cart with three dispense styles


Cask Beer has traditionally been a speciality product reserved for locations that can go through the product quickly in order to maintain quality.  Now with the Cask Cart accounts can justify a keg of Cask beer because they are able to service a greater range of customers by providing (3) variations of product!

The Cask Cart is completely self-contained and mounted on rolling casters allowing mobility.  A double mix McDantium gas blender has been installed on board along with the ability to mount N2 & CO2 tank holders on the side of the unit.


* Dual zone refrigerated keg box allowing to maintain optimum temperature 50 - 55 F degree for cask conditioned product and 36 -38 F degree for carbonated and nitrogenated beers.

* Two Cellarstream Gas Control Systems

* Angram Energy Beer Engine with water cooled jacket

* Skyline polished SS beer station with 2 faucet tower including one ss slow pour N2 faucet and one ss adjustable flow control roto faucet

* Chilled glass rinser

* Gas system equipped with dual mix McDantim blender with high pressure tank regulators for N2 and CO2 mounted onboard with tank bracket.

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