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If you want to build a brewery - and who doesn't? Good advice at the start will save you a lot of time and money to ensure you'll end up happy. Before you order anything, when you're ready to build, call AC Beverage for advice. We can assist you at all the points along the way. NITROGEN AND QUALITY ARE IMPORTANT FACTORS!


Larger breweries may economically use nitrogen to:
• Purge tanks and transfer lines.
• Push product.
• Feed low volume pneumatic controls.
• Infuse nitrogen into beer in tank-to-tank transfers and kegging lines. AC Beverage gassing panels dissolve nitrogen into beer at a faster rate to accommodate volumes run by larger breweries.


Canning or bottling nitro beer requires attention and care. Chart® UltraDoser liquid nitrogen (LN2) dosing systems ensure that nitrogen levels in your beer are spot-on in the can or bottle by adding a quick dose of liquid nitrogen just prior to capping or seaming. Additionally, LN2 dosers can be used to evacuate headspace air in packaged products. Packaging needs and pressures will vary, but AC Beverage and Chart® are experts providing and installing the appropriate LN2 dosing solution for your requirements.

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