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AC BEVERAGE warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, regular service and maintenance, for 1 year from the date of sale. PREREQUISITES: This warranty is available to the first end user for equipment purchased from AC Beverage or authorized dealers. Equipment resold without such authorization will not be covered under this warranty. Equipment installed by AC Beverage carries a 90 day labor warranty. Equipment not installed by AC Beverage does Not carry a labor warranty. All equipment must be maintained and cleaned regularly. In case of equipment failure customer must contact AC Beverage for repair authorization before any repairs are made. WARRANTY PEROID: Warranty period is one (1) year from the date of installation but no longer than fourteen (14) months from date of sale. Please do not return any item to AC Beverage without first notifying us and explaining the complete circumstances. AC Beverage must be notified and approve any merchandise returned for repair. WARRANTY COVERAGE: If a product is deemed defective by AC Beverage within the warranty period described above, AC Beverage, at its discretion, will either repair or authorize the repair of the product. AC Beverage will be responsible for the labor charges within the warranty period provided that all above mentioned prerequisites are satisfied. The customer is responsible for the return of the defective part or product to AC Beverage for inspection and defect determination. Customer must package the part or product before shipping it. AC Beverage will cover the shipping costs for the part or product as described in the Shipping segment of this warranty. DEFECT DETERMINATION: Defect determination is the sole discretion of AC Beverage. Customers must contact AC Beverage to receive authorization for any course of action prior to any repairs. A warranty claim in writing must be submitted to AC Beverage in order to process the claim and authorize any reimbursements. If a repair is made without the explicit authorization from AC Beverage it will not be covered by the warranty and will not be reimbursed. “Authorization for return” is for inspection purposes only. It is the sole discretion of AC Beverage as to whether or not a repair will be performed under warranty. PRODUCT DELIVERY: The customer is responsible for inspecting units upon receipt for concealed damage caused during shipping. The customer must report damaged or non-working units or components to AC Beverage immediately. Deliveries with physical damage should be denied. A claim must be filed with the carrier for any damages during shipping. AC Beverage is not responsible for units damaged during shipping. Warranty does not cover * Physical damage or water damage to the unit caused by negligence of the user. * Improper installation and modifications made without AC Beverage’s explicit approval. * Damage resulting from electrical supply, water supply, drainage, flood, storm or any other incidents. * Repairs made without the explicit authorization of AC Beverage or without the submission of a written warranty claim. AC BEVERAGE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ECONOMIC LOSS OR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSSES OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM EQUIPMENT FAILURE. SHIPPING: During the warranty period AC Beverage will be responsible for shipping charges as describe in the previous segments. AC Beverage will ship replacement parts using standard ground shipping only. If expedited shipping is needed the customer will incur the difference in shipping cost.


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