Charley and Anita Kleinrichert are the owners of AC Beverage. They started out cleaning draft beer lines. Their primary focus was on system maintenance and line cleaning.
AC Beverage has evolved from a maintenance and line cleaning company to a well-known installation company performing installations around the US including large venues such as stadiums, casinos, breweries and still keep actively involved with independent operators.

Charley has been integral with the engineering and development of unique draft beer equipment:
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  ~ Nitrogenator® - On-Site Nitrogen Generator
  ~ Cellarstream- Beer Gassing System
  ~ Counter Pressure Growler Filling Equipment
  ~JoeTap-Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Dispenser

The most recent development is the RackAeriale concept-a hybrid-design, draft beer dispensing system utilizing technology from the original beer dispensing systems which allows for beer to be poured from wood barrels. It incorporates advanced technology to extract barrel-aged beer that is chilled and infused with Nitrogen and CO2 gas. “Aging beer in wine or whiskey barrels creates a soft, complex flavor profile which is best enjoyed straight from the barrel,” says Charley. Dogfish Head and AC Beverage developed a process to perform beer transfers into the wine barrels for aging and nitrogen preservation to keep a blanket of N2 on the beer, protecting it from oxygen which can permeate a wood barrel.

The development of the beer line cleaning/dispense equipment and distribution of chemicals for line cleaning continues to be a priority, this exposure enables AC Beverage to constantly improve methods and technology to keep up with the increased demands due to the surge in craft breweries.